Find an Individual Health Insurance That Meets Your Needs

There are over 4 million people in Alberta and none of them are exactly alike. Each one has their own hobbies, interest and lifestyle, and that means each one has differing health insurance needs. Why should you fit into Plan A, Plan B or Plan C when there are so many options for individual health insurance in Alberta that truly meet your needs?

What’s New in Individual Health Insurance in Alberta?

Individual health insurance in Alberta has changed a lot over the years. These days you can get:

  • Non-smoker rates if you are a casual marijuana smoker
  • Good rates on health insurance even if you have a pre-existing health condition
  • Guaranteed issue if you have a very serious illness but still need life insurance
  • Flexible policies that are built to suit your needs

Why Do I Need an Individual Health Insurance Plan?

Not everyone has employee benefits through work, and even if you do, they can be very limited. An individual plan stays with you regardless of if you are working, between jobs or working for yourself. Knowing you can get the dental care, medication and vision care you need, when you need it, is a very good feeling. For a few dollars each month you get access to the health care you need to look, feel and be your best.

How Do I Tailor an Individual Health Insurance Plan?

There are three ways you can get the health insurance you need in Alberta. The traditional way is to contact a company like Manulife, SunLife, or BMO and talk directly to an agent. They will explain the products they carry and offer you one of them. The second way is to go online and find something you can sign up for yourself. If you do this, be sure to read and understand all the fine print. You don’t want to fall through a loophole when it’s time to make a claim. The last way is to contact an individual health insurance broker.

A broker is different from an agent since a broker shops the marketplace on your behalf. He or she is not limited to just one or two products from a single company. Brokers are authorized to sell the products of all the different carriers in Canada. A broker asks you some questions to determine your insurance needs then does all the work on your behalf, calling carriers, running illustrations, comparing policies and putting together a plan that works for you. It’s free to use the services of a broker. They get paid by the insurance company when you purchase a policy.

What is an HSA?

An HSA is something a broker or agent can offer, and is a great way for small business owners in Alberta to get truly flexible individual health insurance that meets their needs. Not many companies know about it or use it because it can sound a little complicated at first, but when you understand it, it becomes a powerful tool for both individual health insurance and for your small business.

Basically, an HSA, or health spending account, allows you to submit your personal medical care expenses to your own company (as you would if you were employed by a different company). The company carries the expenses but receives a tax credit.

This is a good option for sole proprietorships, partnerships, and even small businesses that want to offer health benefits for their staff.

Your Broker and Advisor Matter Too

No matter how you choose to get individual health insurance ( that meets your needs, be that online, through a broker or with an advisor, you should feel:

  • Comfortable with the experience from start to finish
  • Confident that questions and claims will be promptly addressed
  • Happy that your calls or emails are returned in a reasonable time frame
  • Happy with the broker/website or agent’s non-solicited reviews

Not having health insurance in San Antonio, TX that meets your needs compromises your ability for you to be your best self. Don’t let finding health insurance weigh over your head like a chore. Seek out a broker or agent today and see how fast, easy and convenient getting coverage can be.